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About us

Namswea House Provides a wide range of Business Consultancy which ranges from individual career development, skills development and Business Developments

This is achieved through intensive and integrated modern business technologies which enable both individuals and organisation to minimise cost of operations, increase creativity and productivity

We analyse their clients’ business environments and research market trends and political, economic and social developments that could impact them in the future.

Namswea House Forms a platform for graduates, employees and employer developments. This is achieved through one to one training, group training

We provide training on Microsoft Office packages, Accounting Packages and various areas of Business Intelligence Tools

What we do:

  • Microsoft Office Package Training
  • Accounting Packages Training
  • Business Start up
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Manage Organisation’ Performance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Stakeholders Management
  • System Implementation & Support
  • Linking Companies and Government’s key Stakeholders